Records Management Perth

Save time, space and money on your businesses records management with Integrated Records.

Since 2000, we’ve been assisting businesses across Perth to ensure their documents and records are properly managed. We specialise in helping these businesses to reduce the risks associated with storing and retrieving confidential and sensitive business information, physical documents, digital media and tapes.

Through Integrated Records, your documents and records management in Perth will be streamlined and maintained seamlessly. We provide a full service for the handling and processing of records throughout their creation, distribution and destruction, including:

  • A pickup and delivery service tailored to client requirements
  • Comprehensive sorting, indexing and cataloguing services
  • Rapid scanning and digitisation of all records, including scanning and digitisation of all documentation
  • Secure storing storage of all reords that meets governance and compliance expectations
  • Thorough disaster management advice, including online back up and full data recovery services
  • A broad range of archiving and filing supplies

We have both the flexibility and the capacity to provide tailored solutions of records managements to Perth businesses of any size.

To discover how we can help you, contact Warren and the team on 9353 3627.